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Case Study

Gioiello Estate

Gioiello Estate Wines


Gioiello Estate wished to create a six-pack of wine with a continuous design story. The artwork was to include a hand drawn style label and be presented across each consecutive bottle, so that when they were presented in the pack they would display the full image.

As an existing wine label client, they consulted Graphix in the initial stages of the project to explore how this could be achieved.

The Graphix Solution:

Undertaking this with conventional printing methods would have been impossible to achieve. As Australia's pioneer in roll supplied digital offset printing, the Graphix team thought 'outside the square' and conceived a plan that would enable this to be done. Through some clever programming, we were able to generate the labels to print recurrently, in groups along the label roll.


By embracing the flexibility of digital technology this print run was easy to achieve and consecutive sets of six labels were supplied on rolls for application. The final challenge for Gioiello Estate was to ensure that the bottles were packed correctly in each carton. Feedback from the client confirmed that the packaging and release had been achieved successfully.

Client: Gioiello Estate

Project: Six pack wine labels

Format: Digital

BSI - ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Certified Environment System