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Case Study

Smart Inc. & One Mobile



Smart Inc. & One Mobile wished to launch a new mobile telephone brand into the market. Their aim was to create a cost effective package that portrayed vibrant graphics designed to target their chosen demographic. The sachet packaging was designed to carry a SIM card and instructional information for the telephone. Not only was the time frame incredibly tight, they required Graphix to print 46,000 units over 15 varieties of pouches.

The Graphix Solution:

The Graphix team drew on our collective knowledge and expertise of prepress and digital printing technologies. Working with 15 different kinds of artwork we printed a front and back image for the sachets across and along the web, to the exact requirements of the sachet manufacturer. The job was organised to ensure minimal waste and deliver the exact quantity required. PDF and press proofs where provided to the client for sign off to demonstrate colour and layout.


Digital printing provided multiple advantages for this job. Lead time and cost were reduced significantly, there was less wastage, the registration was 100% and the job was delivered on time for the new product launch. Since the initial launch, the client requested a modification to the job and reordered additional material. This was all done quickly and with a bare minimum of adjustment costs.

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